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7. Organization structure in EBP

Learn the response to the seventh question in's exclusive SRM quiz.

7. Which of the following statements are correct about the organization structure in EBP?

a) SRM users can be created simply by using the SU01 transaction.
b) An organization structure is required. The self service scenario cannot be implemented without the organization structure.
c) The inheritance administration of attributes from PPOMA can be configured in table T77OMATTR.
d) The report BBP_CHECK_CONSISTENCY checks the consistency of the organization plan.


Users in SRM cannot simply be created using the SU01 transaction. For valid system access, users have to belong to an organization unit, a position, have a business partner ID, a central person and a SU01-User ID.

An organization structure and a set of user attributes are required for working with EBP professional. Each user attribute represents a value that is stored under a particular name within the organizational structure. Depending on a user's role, a different set of attributes is required.

The report BBP_CHECK_CONSISTENCY (that can also be called via transaction BBP_ATTR_CHECK), checks the consistency of the organizational plan. It also checks whether the attributes for companies, purchasing organizations, purchasing groups, and users are defined correctly for the individual applications.

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This was last published in March 2006

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