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5. RSWUWFMLEC report in EBP

Learn the response to the fifth question in's exclusive SRM quiz.

5. What is the function of the RSWUWFMLEC report in EBP?

a) To transfer purchase orders from EBP to the back-end system in a standalone scenario.
b) To allow printing of the shopping cart.
c) To send notifications for work items via e-mail to e-mail recipients.
d) To provide the ability for approval preview in the shopping cart.


This job is scheduled to enable offline approval functionality in SRM and to allow the work items in the SRM user's inbox to be transferred to their preferred e-mail client (e.g. Outlook, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, etc.). E-mails are only sent to those users for which the user attributes (FORWARD_WI) "Flag: Forward work item,'' are maintained in PPOMA_BBP. This is useful for users that do not use the integrated inbox of the EBP system, so that another mail client can process work items in their usual mail client.

There are two steps in this job:

1. The initial step moves the approval work item from the SAP inbox to SAP connect (TCode: SCOT). This step is execute by report: RSCONN01.

2. The second step moves the same work-item from SAP connect to the organization's mail server, which then sends the e-mail to the user's preferred e-mail client. This step is executed by report: RSWUWFMLEC.

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