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5. Client 001 in R/3

Learn the response to the fifth question in's exclusive Basis quiz. Read the answer and more detailed information on Client 001.

5. Client 001 in R/3
After a fresh installation of an R/3 system, a consultant deleted client 001 without telling anybody. The development team, who was going to work on client 001, is suggesting that you restore the database prior to the deletion. Others are suggesting that you re-install the system. What should you do if there no database backup available and need this done as soon as possible?

a) Re-install the database instance.
b) Have SAP do a system repair and lock it against client deletions.
c) Re-create client 001 via SCC4 and carry out a local copy using client 000 as the source.


There is no need to re-install the database instance. The system is not damaged; it's a fresh installation and client 001 can be deleted without harming the system. Deleting client 001 is only an issue if it has already been used and there is either data or customizing the company needs. The best thing to do is to re-create it and populate it from client 000. Or, just create a new custom client as a copy of client 000.

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