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4. What is EDA?

4. Event-driven architecture (EDA) …

a) Is a new approach to integration that makes use of peer-to-peer communications to handle events throughout the extended enterprise.
b) Uses a higher-level business process management application that enables applications to be monitored and inter-connected using a mixture of pre-defined Web service endpoints and events.
c) Is a relatively new approach to integration that uses a mixture of open standards, loose coupling and dynamic discovery features of Web services to implement complex EAI scenarios.
d) Is an enterprise software infrastructure model in which events trigger the real-time exchange of messages between independent software applications.


The main difference between EDA and SOA is that in SOA, all intermediate components suspend their operation until the relevant request /response call returns. EDA, on the other hand, does not have to wait for blocked calls to return, and all components continue to operate and flow because EDA's focus is purely on processing incoming messages and publishing outgoing messages.

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