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4. How can you broadcast a message to all users of the SAP system?

Learn the response to the third question in's exclusive security quiz. Read the answer and more detailed information.

4. How can you broadcast a message to all users of the SAP system?

a) SAPmail has functions to display system messages to broadcast all users.

b) Transaction sm02 will provide text boxes to submit a system-wide message.

c) This must be set up as a profile parameter (login/messagecreate=true). Once the value is set, users can send it with the options under menu path system->status.

d) Only users with SAP_ALL authorizations can broadcast from transaction sm03.


sm02 is a very useful transaction for communicating system changes or alerts to the entire community of SAP users. Most importantly, it can be used to broadcast messages regarding security profile changes so users will be aware of downtime or any change or information about the system.

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