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3. Transports within the same system

Learn the response to the third question in's exclusive Basis quiz. Read the answer and more detailed information on transports.

3. Transports within the same system
Developers in your organization are complaining that some customizing transports did not make it to their sandbox client (300). The project manager asks you to give him a report of all transports copied from the development client (100) to the sandbox client (300) for the past two months. How can you get this done?

a) Query table CCCFLOW and produce a report for him.
b) Use transaction SCC3 -> Transport Requests and produce a report.
c) Find all your transport-related e-mails and filter for those asking to import into client 300. Then, produce a report for him.


The most trusted source is table CCCFLOW as it keeps track of every transport copied from one client to another (via SCC1). You can query the table via SE16 or SE11 and export the results into a spreadsheet. Since transport logs can be deleted from the SCC3 screen you cannot rely on it. Going through your e-mails could not only take a lot of your time but it does not prove that you actually imported the transports.

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