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2. Which of the following is not necessarily part of a modern EAI technology?

Learn the response to the second question in's exclusive XI quiz. Read the answer and more detailed information on EAI technology.

2. Which of the following is not necessarily part of a modern EAI technology?

a) Message Queue
b) Java Runtime
c) Workflow processor
d) HTTP server


The message queue is the central data storage; hence it is the focal point of a modern ESA architecture. While HTTP should not be the only interface to the service bus, you cannot seriously offer an ESA structure without the possibility to deliver the data and request services through an HTTP layer. HTTP is a format understood and spoken by the large majority of applications today. Every message queue needs mechanisms to route and filter messages between terminals. This is achieved by defining workflows. A workflow processor will give a clean and easy way to define the logic to route the information appropriately.

A Java Runtime is, of course, not necessarily part of an EAI scenario. Any outside application will not see whether the internal processing is done in Java, .NET, ABAP, etc.

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