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15. How can you reset SAP passwords?

Learn the response to the fifteenth question in's exclusive security quiz. Read the answer and more detailed information.

15. If you forget your password and can't get into your system, what back door can you use to reset it?

a) Delete SAP* from DB using SQLplus and then login as SAP* again with password=pass if SAP* is allowed.
b) You will need to open a message with OSS and they can provide you with a user name and password that can be used once to gain access.
c) You can login to a different client number and change the password from there.


If you ever find yourself locked out of an SAP system there is an easy way to gain access using the user ID SAP*. The user will already exist in your system with a set password, however you can login to SQLplus "/ as sysdba" and delete the user SAP*. Once this user is deleted from the Oracle user tables, it will automatically regenerate upon login attempt with the password PASS (assuming you have not disable it as outlined in question 5 of this quiz). The proper syntax for SQLplus is:

su – oraSID
sqlplus "/as sysdba"
DELETE from SAPR3.USR02 where mandt='xxx'
and bname = 'SAP*';

Now you can open SAPGUI with client xxx and login with SAP* and password PASS.

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