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14. System startup problem

Learn the answer to the fourteenth question in's exclusive SAP Basis quiz. Read the answer and detailed information on system startup problems.

14. If an SAP instance does not start after making changes to the instance profile via RZ10, what is the best course of action?

a) Restore the database from the last full backup
b) Edit the profile at the operating system level and manually change it back to the way it was. Then, restart the instance and correct the problem via RZ10.
c) Copy the instance profile from a working system into the affected system. d) Log a trouble ticket at the SAP Support Portal


In an emergency, the best thing to do is to manually edit and correct the problem in the instance profile (located under usrsap sysprofile). After successfully restarting the instance run RZ10 and correct the problem there. Save and activate the profile. If possible restart the instance right away and make sure everything works. Otherwise, plan on keeping a close eye on the instance the next time it restarts.

Restoring the database from a full backup will erase all the work done since the backup ended to the moment the problem occurred. Copying the instance profile from another system is a bad idea. The profiles are unique and contain hard coded values. Logging a trouble ticket is not necessary unless you cannot absolutely bring the system back up.

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