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12. SRM master data

Learn the response to the twelfth question in's exclusive SRM quiz.

12. Which statement(s) concerning master data in SRM is/are correct?

a) Material Master Data is transferred from the SAP backend to EBP using middleware.
b) Product Categories correspond to material groups in the SAP backend.
c) Business partner master records correspond to the vendor master records in the SAP backend.
d) The vendors are downloaded into SRM from the SAP backend via the middleware.


Master data in SRM can be downloaded from the SAP back end. This data includes product master records, business partner master records, and product categories. products (material), service masters, and product categories (material groups) are downloaded via the middleware. The middleware is a set of programs that exist partly in the EBP and partly in the SAP back-end plug-in.

EBP uses the SAP business partner concept. An internal or external business partner is created in EBP for every person, organization, or group of people who could be involved in a business transaction. The vendor is an external business partner. Conversely, plant is an internal business partner. A shopping cart requester, a plant, an organization, a creditor, vendor, a bidder, or a marketplace are all business partners within SRM.

Vendors are not downloaded via the middleware -- instead using a transaction "BBPGETVD" or via the synchronization.

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