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12. Partitioning

Learn the response to the twelfth question in's exclusive BI/BW -- beginner-level quiz.

12. The following statements are true for partitioning.

a. If a cube has been partitioned, the E table of the info cube will be partitioned on time.
b. The F table of the info cube is partitioned on request.
c. The PSA tableis partitioned automatically with several requests on one partition.
d. It is not possible to partition the info cube after data has been loaded, unless all the data is deleted from the cube.

ANSWER(S): A, B, C, D, F

BW allows partitioning of the info cubes based on time. If the info cube is partitioned, the e-fact table of the info cube will be partitioned on the time characteristic selected.

The F fact table is partitioned on request ids automatically during the loads. PSA tables are also partitioned during the loads and can accommodate more than one request. For an info cube to be partitioned, all data needs to be removed from the info cube.

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