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11. What does the term "technical names on" refer to in SAP Basis or SAP security?

Learn the response to the eleventh question in's exclusive security quiz. Read the answer and more detailed information.

11. What does the term "technical names on" refer to in SAP Basis or SAP security?

a) This is the list of names of Basis users -- it can be displayed if you get the prompt: "Contact your system administrator".
b) This is a profile-generator menu option that puts the technical name of the authorization object next to the long text, so the required authorization name can easily be identified.
c) This is a parameter that needs to be set to on for Early Watch Reports and Alerts.
d) This is a reference that was used for viewing ABAP security codes in older versions of SAP (prior to version 4.6x).


"Technical names on" is a menu option from profile generator (PFCG) that shows the authorization object names. This will be shown in the right-hand column of the from menu option Utilities -> Technical Names On. The example below shows a role with the expanded authorizations. These names are easy to search on if you're trying to modify a role to fit needed authorizations to a role.

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