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1. SAPGUI deployment

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1. SAPGUI deployment You have been asked to deploy SAPGUI to several departments within an organization that uses Windows XP on their desktops. Not all departments need the same components (BW add-on, CRM add-on, etc.). Additionally, you have been instructed to install "SAPGUI scripting" – but only in the IT department. What's the best course of action?

a) Write up a step-by-step instruction sheet for each department and have the IT staff help you deploy SAPGUI following your instructions.
b) Use "SAPAdmin" to package each different department installation and either deploy SAPGUI remotely, or install it over the network.
c) Copy the entire SAPGUI CD to a network share and install all front-end components on every computer.


The best approach is to install an SAP FrontEnd Installation Server and use SAPAdmin to configure different packages to meet the needs of each department. Then, deploy the appropriate SAPGUI package to each department.

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