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Why SAP skills pay keeps climbing, and what skills will augment your resume

Learn which SAP skills are obtaining the fastest increases in premium pay in 2008, and strategize for your SAP career accordingly.

What SAP skills should you be learning? Whether you work in a permanent SAP position, are an SAP consultant or are looking to break into SAP, this podcast with David Foote of Foote Partners LLC will help you get a pulse on the market. Foote is CEO and co-founder of the Vero Beach, Fla. management consultancy and market research firm, which is known for its IT salary and skills pay surveys. Listen and you'll learn which SAP skill has seen a 57% increase in salary over the last 12 months, which skills can easily be paired together, and what you should do to build your career over the next two years.

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Hottest SAP skills of 2008
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5:05: The rate of increase in SAP salaries

9:25: What is driving demand for SAP skills

10:07: SAP skills showing highest demand

11:58: Symbiotic SAP skills: for example, PP and MM

13:23: Why management, methodology and process is a hot SAP concentration

18:55: SAP learning and hiring opportunities

22:05: The relationship between SOA and BPM

23:20: Building your career: Next steps for SAP professionals

27:15: What technical SAP professionals should do over the next two to three years

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