Tips for a winning workforce management software implementation

In part 2 of this podcast on workforce management, learn more about building a business case for workforce management and integration challenges within the context of an SAP application strategy.

In a time of layoffs and cutbacks, workforce management tools are helping companies not only with traditional time-tracking, but with cutting costs and meeting strategic objectives for increased revenue.In part two of this two-part podcast on the software, Steve Goldman and Don Giffels will drill down into building a business case for workforce management software, some of the integration challenges and talk more about SAP's workforce management tools. Workforce Insight is a strategic workforce management consulting and implementation firm based in Denver, Colo.For more information on getting started with workforce management software, listen to part one of this podcast, in which explored the basics of workforce management software, some trends in adoption and interesting use cases.

  • 00:56: Are companies integrating workforce management tools with HR transactional systems?
  • 3:00: What are the challenges companies are facing with the integration piece?
  • 4:11: Share some advice on building a business case for workforce management software. What are some common mistakes companies make?
  • 7:19: How does SAP's workforce management software measure up to best-of-breed?
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