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The state of SAP SRM

In this SAP supplier relationship management (SRM) podcast, author Sachin Sethi discusses SAP SRM topics, including release date push-backs and MDM.

SAP SRM release 6.0 has been pushed back twice and is now branded as SAP SRM 2007. The new version will require users to be up to speed on MDM, Enterprise Portal and other NetWeaver components. checked in with veteran SRM (supplier relationship management) site expert and author Sachin Sethi on what's going on with SAP SRM, what the technology requirements will be, and whether SAP can keep up with the niche vendors.

   The state of SAP SRM  

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The state of SAP SRM
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  Program highlights  

  • (:40) SAP SRM release 6.0 has been pushed back twice and is now rebranded. What's going on?

  • (4:50) What are the technology requirements for SRM 2007?

  • (6:30) MDM is a requirement for SRM 2007, but not everyone uses MDM. Is this a problem?

  • (8:30) How should companies prepare for an SRM upgrade?

  • (12:10) What's your take on SRM in a Software as a Service model?

  • (14:15) Can SAP keep up with niche vendors?

      Program Links:  

  • Breaking into SAP SRM: A list of resources and tools to help those interested in SAP SRM get the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

  • What courses and knowledge are beneficial for an aspiring SRM consultant?: SAP offers SRM 210 and SRM 260, two courses for aspiring SRM consultants. Are these the only two that can be taken, or is there an academy for SRM, as with other modules?

  • Where do I fit into an SAP SRM career?: How to use sourcing experience and e-sourcing experience for a career in SAP SRM.

  • Where can I obtain information regarding SAP SRM implementations?: Documents and websites that contain information on SAP SRM.

  • Is SAP XI necessary for SRM EBP?: Our SRM expert details the versatile relationship between the SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI) and the SRM Enterprise Buyer Professional (EBP).

  • Chapter download: 'SAP SRM -- An Introduction': This book gives you a detailed and practical understanding of the essentials of SAP SRM, including its functionality, new product enhancements, and best practices.

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