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Standardizing on SAP, Monsanto's roadmap

Monsanto made SAP the system of record for its Global operations through an ERP roadmap, and got measurable ROI in the process.

Systems can easily multiply in extremely large organizations like the Monsanto Company, leaving a hodgepodge of products for IT to manage. Through its "one company, one process, one system" plan, The St. Louis-based manufacturer has made SAP the system of record for its worldwide operations. In this podcast, Mark Jordan, director of global ERP for Monsanto, discusses the company's SAP implementation, including tips and best practices, how the company measures ROI, and how it develops its ERP roadmap to stay on top of upcoming issues.

Monsanto won the Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG)'s Impact Award for large enterprises. Every year, ASUG issues awards to companies that use SAP in particularly innovative ways. This year, ASUG gave out awards in three categories: small-to-medium enterprise, public sector, and large enterprise. In this podcast series, interviews representatives from each award winner to see how their SAP implementations save money, make their employees' jobs easier, and boost efficiency.

   Standardizing on SAP, Monsanto's Roadmap  

Listen to Part 1 of the series, small-to-medium enterprise winner Powell Electronics, here:

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Listen to Part 2 of the series, public-sector winner Orange County Public Schools, here:

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  Program highlights  

  • (:35) Monsanto background

  • (3:25) Explanation of Monsanto's "one company, one process, one system" project

  • (4:40) Advice for users looking to consolidate systems and processes

  • (7:35) An example of a specific hurdle and solution toward consolidating systems

  • (10:50) Tips and tricks to Monsanto's SAP project success

  • (14:20) How Monsanto continuously develops its ERP roadmap

  • (16:40) How Monsanto calculates ROI

  • (23:40) Future goals for Monsanto's SAP installation

      Program Links:  

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