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Sapphire 2011: Spotlight on HANA and in-memory technology

In this podcast, analyst Joshua Greenbaum talks about what customers can learn about HANA and in-memory technology at the upcoming SAP Sapphire Now conference.

This year’s Sapphire Now conference promises to be one of the biggest. SAP launched a number of new products over the past year that customers will no doubt be looking to learn more about in Orlando.  At the top of that list is HANA, SAP’s high-speed analytics appliance, and the in-memory applications that run on HANA.  Although many hear SAP’s claims that the technology has the potential to change the way companies business, they also want the kinds of details that SAP has been slow to provide over the past year. sat down with Joshua Greenbaum, an independent analyst who covers the enterprise applications market, to talk about what details surrounding HANA and in-memory enterprise applications will come out of Sapphire, what to look for, and what kinds of questions potential customers need to ask.   

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Sapphire 2011 and in-memory technology

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Podcast highlights:

:51 Can you set the stage for where we are with HANA and in-memory as we head into those final weeks before Sapphire?

1:46 What can we expect at Sapphire? What are we going to learn that we didn’t know before?

3:26 Do you expect SAP to announce more in-memory applications?

4:28 What are you looking for in terms of demos or beta customer announcements?

5:18 Which of the sessions on in-memory and HANA are you most interested in? Any advice on which ones might be the most helpful and informative?

6:50 Are customers going to be able to walk away with a better understanding of how HANA could fit into their strategic plans? 

7:47 What kinds of hard questions should customers be asking SAP during the conference?

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