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SOA, SAP and BPM changing the way SAP shops operate

SAP's SOA push will revolutionize how in-house SAP developers, CIOs and consultants approach e-business,SAP products and job functions.

SAP is making a major SOA push via both the eSOA platform and a suite of business process management (BPM) tools, but many SAP end users and technical specialists still don't know just how SOA is changing the SAP landscape, or even how to answer the question, "What is SOA?" In this podcast with SAP Mentor Jon Reed, who runs and is a site expert, we discuss the interconnection of SAP eSOA and BPM, explore how SOA skills map to specific SAP competencies (such as NetWeaver and Web Dynpro) and consider the benefits of eSOA. One SAP customer shaved its development costs by 600% using eSOA.

Whether you're a CIO or a developer, whether you're a business analyst or a technical consultant, SOA is going to change the way you work and how your organization performs -- whether you're an SAP shop or not. Listen to this podcast to get a sense of the SOA future, and how it will impact your job role. It's no exaggeration to say that SOA is changing the DNA of SAP-run companies.

  SAP and SOA  

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  Program highlights  

  • 1:52: Why SOA is important in the SAP market

  • 4:46: How you get hands-on SOA experience

  • 7:17: Newer versions of SAP products and SOA

  • 9:30: SAP's connection between SOA and BPM

  • 11:37: SOA-BPM job opportunities

  • 12:48: SOA use cases and benefits

  • 15:01: SAP tools and approaches to master for SOA success

  • 20:15: Tension between the iTunes ethos of SOA and SAP's history of monolithic products
  • Dig Deeper on SAP integration

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