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SAP job market: What are the hot SAP skills and what's cooled off

Looking for an SAP job, or just looking to keep one? Find out what the hot SAP skills are in the first part of our two-part podcast series on the SAP job market.



A little less than a year ago, SAP was facing a shortage of professionals with the skills to install and run its software. Since then, some SAP professionals have lost their jobs or have seen colleagues let go.

In that light, is taking a two-part look at the SAP job market. In part 1, David Foote will address the current state of the SAP job market. Foote is CEO and cofounder of Foote Partners, a Vero Beach, Fla.-based management consultancy and IT research firm that is well-known for its research on the IT job market.

Foote will discuss his most recent survey research, including the hot SAP skills, what's in less demand and whether there's still a shortage of SAP professionals in some areas.



  What's the state of the SAP job market?  

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  Podcast highlights  


  • 1:11: What SAP skills are in higher demand over these last six months?

  • 4:12: What SAP skills are in less demand?

  • 5:34: Is there still a shortage of skilled SAP professionals?

  • 7:38: Overall, what's the state of the SAP job market?

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