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SAP job market: Building a future in an SAP career

In this podcast, examines the future of the SAP job market, including the best SAP products to learn to avoid a layoff.

The last few months have doubtless been trying for SAP professionals who once thought their SAP skill-sets were indispensable.But in this SAP job market, aligning oneself with the proper SAP technologies and products can mean the difference between collecting a paycheck and collecting unemployment. There are plenty of SAP job titles that continue to thrive in this recession, as well as skill-sets that keep employers happy.In part 2 of this podcast series on the SAP job market, examines the future of the SAP job market with Jon Reed and David Foote. Reed is an SAP mentor, careers expert and proprietor of the popular SAP career site Foote is CEO and cofounder of Foote Partners, a Vero Beach, Fla.-based management consultancy and IT research firm well-known for its research on the IT job market.Find out what SAP skills and job titles are proving layoff-resistant, what regions and industries continue to recruit SAP talent and why certain SAP products and technologies will be particularly important for advancement.Also, check out Part 1 of's podcast series on the SAP job market, which examines currently hot SAP skills, as well as what's in less demand.

  • 0:49: What job titles will fare best in the SAP job market between now and the year's end?
  • 4:22: Are there any differences in demand for certain SAP skills by region or industry?
  • 6:30: What are some of the best SAP products and technologies to learn for advancement?
  • 8:21: Why will these skills become increasingly important in the SAP world?
  • 9:24: What's the most important thing an SAP developer, system administrator and functional person can each do to avoid a layoff?
  What's the future of the SAP job market?  
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