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SAP NetWeaver security and identity management

This podcast explores SAP NetWeaver security issues, including getting return on security investments, the relationship with governance concerns and a TechEd preview.

For IT departments, security is a persistent concern. When it comes to SAP NetWeaver, identity management, securely integrating IT systems and getting return on investment (ROI) from security projects are all issues users contend with. This podcast covers these topics and offers a quick SAP TechEd 2007 preview from Andrew Dunning, director of solutions marketing for SAP NetWeaver user interface and security technology.

   SAP NetWeaver security and identity management  

  Program highlights  

  • (:30) What's new in identity management?

  • (:50) An update on the MaXware acquisition.

  • (2:20) What does the growing importance of service-oriented architecture (SOA) mean for identity management?

  • (3:40) How can users take best advantage of TechEd?

  • (4:50) The foremost security issues for NetWeaver users.

  • (7:20) Do customers want greater ROI from their security technology?

  • (8:55) How will the identity management software market shake out?

  • (10:50) What is the relationship between governance, regulation and compliance (GRC); access control; and identity management?

  • (13:30) How important is identity management to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)?

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  • Podcast: Governance, risk and compliance trends: In this podcast from Sapphire 2007, explores the latest in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) issues from SAP.

  • SAP adds risk components to compliance offerings: SAP is adding three new applications to address risk and compliance. The vendor is also integrating NetWeaver with Cisco's services-enabled network architecture.

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