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SAP Business ByDesign: An introduction

SAP yesterday released details of SAP Business ByDesign, formerly A1S. This podcast investigates details of the product, and how customers can use it, with SAP's SMB head and a customer.

NEW YORK -- SAP on Wednesday released more details of its midmarket ERP on demand product, formerly codenamed A1S. The product, now dubbed SAP Business ByDesign, will be priced at $149 per user per month, and it already has early customer stories. At the unveiling event in New York, caught up with Hans-Peter Klaey, SAP's SMB (small and medium-sized business) president, and an early customer, Harry Krisch, SAP practice director for West Conshohocken, Pa.-based Judge Consulting Group.

Krisch and Klaey discuss many aspects of Business ByDesign, including the dual-pricing models, how Judge is using it, and SAP's plans for the future of the product.

   The state of SAP SRM  

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SAP Business ByDesign: An introduction
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  Program highlights  

  • (:23) Is a hybrid installation of SAP Business ByDesign an option for customers?

  • (3:00) What are the differences in the Business ByDesign pricing models?

  • (4:40) What about the pricing model was appealing to Judge?

  • (6:05) How did Judge choose Business ByDesign over the competition, including All-inOne?

  • (6:41) How is Judge using Business ByDesign?

  • (7:30) What is SAP's plan for the future of Business ByDesign?

  • (10:35) What advice does Judge have for potential Business ByDesign customers?

  • (13:05) What is the difference between Business ByDesign and "true" multi-tenant Software as a Service products?

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  • A1S: How it will affect SAP jobs: It is too early to tell how A1S will affect the SAP consulting market, but there are indicators that can help SAP consultants anticipate where new jobs will be.

  • SAP A1S faces reluctant SMBs, for now: A1S, SAP's upcoming on-demand ERP product for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), has some hurdles to overcome if it's going to be successful, according to a new analyst report.

  • SAP's A1S, All-in-One or Business One; what are midmarket firms to choose?: SAP has been judicious in doling out information on its midmarket Software as a Service (SaaS) product A1S since first announcing plans for it early this year. That has left press, analysts and customers wondering just how SAP plans to serve the midmarket.

  • SAP on-demand offering targets midmarket: On the heels of its announcement of All-in-One updates, SAP said this week that it would introduce a solution aimed squarely at new midmarket customers.

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