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Maximizing SAP: Orange County Schools get an A

Orange County Public Schools used change management and an SAP ERP upgrade to start getting the most out of their SAP implementation.

Trying to get the most out of an SAP implementation is something every SAP customer can relate to. Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) undertook a lengthy project -- dubbed "Project Passport" -- to do just that. OCPS started "wringing every dime" out of its SAP products through change management, using outside consultants more efficiently and upgrading to SAP Enterprise 4.7. In the process, it was recognized by the Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG) as the winner of the public sector Impact Award for 2006.

Every year, ASUG issues awards to companies that use SAP in particularly innovative ways. This year, ASUG gave out awards in three categories: small to medium enterprise, public sector, and large enterprise. In this podcast series, interviews representatives from each award winner to see how their SAP implementations save money, make their employees' jobs easier, and boost efficiency.

   Maximizing SAP: The OCPS example  

Listen to Part 1 of the series, small to medium enterprise winner Powell Electronics, here:

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  Program highlights  

  • (:35) OCPS background and drivers to get Project Passport started

  • (3:25) Did OCPS consider moving off of SAP?

  • (4:40) How can SAP customers avoid having "too many cooks in the kitchen" on their SAP projects?

  • (7:35) What does a change manager do, and what should organizations look for when selecting one?

  • (10:50) Describe the approval process for project passport.

  • (14:20) How important is it to demonstrate ROI?

  • (16:40) Tips for bringing on external resources and how to manage them

  • (23:40) Future goals for OCPS's SAP installation

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