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Keys to SAP project success: It's the people

When implementing SAP, it is important to concentrate on more than the technology issues if your project is going to be successful.

Amidst the technology, cost and scheduling issues that arise in SAP implementation projects, the human element can often get lost in the shuffle. But Abiomed, a midsized medical devices manufacturer, found that staffing, communication, motivating project resources, and finding the right mix of consultants and employees are all important factors in a successful SAP project.

In this podcast, careers expert Jon Reed, and Daniel Lubin, director of information technology for Danvers, Mass.-based Abiomed, discuss the company's SAP All-in-One implementation with a particular focus on how Abiomed utilized consultants and offshore resources, and kept communication flowing, as well as other lessons learned along the way.

   Keys to SAP project success: It's the people  

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Keys to SAP project success: It's the people
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  Program highlights  

  • (1:00) Abiomed and project background

  • (2:50) How Abiomed staffed its project, which included technologies where consulting skills were scarce

  • (6:00) How Abiomed used offshore resources

  • (8:00) Managing the interactions between SAP functional areas and consultants

  • (10:54) Did Abiomed look at hiring full-time employees with SAP expertise?

  • (12:00) Are users on board with the new SAP products?

  • (14:25) How Abiomed kept people involved and motivated during the project

  • (17:40) Making use of SOA

  • (18:55) How the project addressed compliance and compliance roles

  • (22:20) Lessons learned -- what roles to fund, using best practices, what areas to focus on, and what can be sacrificed

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