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Keys to SAP business process success

SAP's BPM evangelist and a BPM consultant outline SAP's goals for BPM, its business process expert community (BPX) and how SAP professionals can benefit.

SAP has been pushing its business process initiative for some time and the new BPX community is beginning to gain traction. But what exactly is a business process expert, and how do those skills translate into an actual job role? We sat down with Helen Sunderland, platinum consultant at SAP Canada, and Marilyn Pratt, BPX community evangelist, to talk about what SAP is trying to accomplish and how SAP professionals can benefit.

  Keys to SAP business process success  

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Keys to SAP business process success
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 Program highlights

  • (1:45) What are business process experts, and what do they do?
  • (2:40) What are the key skills for a successful business process expert?
  • (3:56) How does a consultant actually land a project role using these new skills?
  • (6:05) Many smaller SAP users say they just don't care about BPX. How do you make the case to these people?
  • (8:42) What's next for the SAP BPX community?
  • (9:35) Which industries stand to gain the most from jumping on the business process bandwagon?
  • (10:40) How are you planning to overcome the resistance to BPX?
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