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How lean six sigma strategy can pave the way to lean government

Lean six sigma isn't just for manufacturing anymore. In this podcast, learn how governments are adopting the strategy.



Governments at every level are struggling to keep employees and deliver services within their current budgets. Taking a page from the manufacturing sector, some governments are turning to lean six sigma strategy -- boiling down business processes so that they contain only those steps that add value for the customer -- to help them streamline daily activities like permitting processes.

In this podcast, Ron WInce, an expert in lean techniques, lists the business drivers that are pushing governments to adopt lean six sigma. He discusses how governments are applying technology, specifically ERP, to realize lean principles, and why having an ERP system in place doesn't guarantee that processes are as lean as they can be.

Ron Wince is president and CEO of Guidon, a lean six sigma consulting firm in Mesa, Ariz. He has worked with the states of Iowa, Vermont and Idaho, as well as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Defense.




  Lean six sigma in the public sector  

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  Program highlights  


  • 1:23: What is lean six sigma and why are governments adopting this approach?
  • 2:58: What are some of the business drivers for governments adopting this strategy?
  • 4:19: What are the first steps to adopting lean six sigma strategy?
  • 6:28: What technology foundation is necessary for success -- and how can IT help?
  • 8:42: Can technology get in the way of lean?
  • 10:14: Can lean principals help ensure success with an SAP, or any ERP, implementation?
  • 11:07: Why do lean initiatives fail?
  • 12:30: Why should governments, already strapped for resources, embark on lean initiatives in this economy?
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