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Going Global? Think localization

The Globalization and Localization Association gives some tips for customizing products, support materials and systems for different markets in this podcast.


Companies face a variety of challenges before they can bring their products to international markets. Chief among these is making the products, systems, and relevant support and marketing materials, as well as the company itself, ready for a different audience.

In this podcast on globalization, localization and internationalization, Stephen Ryan, chairman of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), and Don DePalma, a principal at Common Sense Advisory, a research and consulting firm based in Lowell, Mass., and a GALA member, discuss:

  • The market for localization services


  • What keeps some companies from expanding geographically


  • Tips for companies looking to expand to new markets


  • Examples of companies that are localizing well, including how SAP has improved its localization



      Going Global: Localizing products, content and systems for an international market  

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    Going Global: Localizing products, content and systems for an international market
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      Program highlights  
  • (:55) GALA background


  • (2:50) Explanation of the terms localization, globalization and internationalization


  • (6:25) Facts about the localization market


  • (7:36) Are companies with a global presence, or those looking to expand into new markets, recognizing the need for localization?


  • (11:35) Factors keeping companies that should be localizing from doing so, and ways to get started


  • (13:47) Examples of companies doing a good job with localization


  • (15:45) The progress of SAP's localization efforts


  • (18:23) Tips and advice for companies potentially looking to expand their geographic presence


  • (24:08) The market for third-party language services, and how to choose a vendor



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