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SAP Netweaver PI overview

SAP has reintroduced SAP NetWeaver XI as SAP NetWeaver PI, which serves as the integration engine for SAP's implementation of SOA middleware.


What is SAP NetWeaver PI? SAP has reintroduced SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure -- SAP NetWeaver XI -- as SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI). NetWeaver PI serves as the integration engine for SAP's implementation of SOA middleware.

With NetWeaver PI, SAP has bundled in an Enterprise Service Bus and included pre-built integrations for connecting SAP systems to each other and to non-SAP systems.

In this podcast, Ian Finley, vice president at Boston-based AMR Research, provides an overview of NetWeaver PI. Mr. Finley looks at NetWeaver PI's features and functions, and examines how NetWeaver stacks up against other products, such as Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Mr. Finley has more than a decade of experience researching enterprise applications and platforms, and is considered an expert on SAP NetWeaver.




  What is SAP NetWeaver PI?  

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  Program highlights  
  • 0:39: Does NetWeaver XI still go by that name, or is the product now officially called NetWeaver PI? In other words, has SAP reintroduced the product as NetWeaver Process Integration?

  • 1:17: What's different with NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) over NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (XI)?

  • 1:48: What is NetWeaver PI's role within the NetWeaver platform?

  • 4:07: Is NetWeaver PI basically SAP's new integration engine?

  • 4:33: What are PI's key features? What new features are in PI that XI didn't have?

  • 7:57: What are NetWeaver PI's strengths?

  • 9:49: Where do the weaknesses lie – in the Enterprise Services Repository?

  • 11:28: Are there significant barriers to adoption?

  • 14:25: How does the product compare to competitors such as Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM)?

  • 16:30: If you're an SAP customer, are you better off choosing NetWeaver, and then the component PI, to do your integration work?

  • 18:03: What business drivers are responsible for SAP customers looking at NetWeaver?
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