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Explaining Run SAP and Solution Manager

Run SAP lowers the total cost of SAP, reduces technical problems and allows better process management. This podcast explains Run SAP and its technical component, Solution Manager.

In this podcast, moderated by SearchSAP careers expert Jon Reed, we ask SAP expert Robert Max for his thoughts on Run SAP. For end users, Run SAP is a post-implementation methodology that could lower your total cost of SAP ownership, reduce the incidence of technical problems, and allow you to better understand and manage your business processes.

For consultants, Run SAP is a skill you need to master in order to present a complete value proposition to your client. Listen to this podcast with Robert Max to better understand Run SAP and its closely related technical component, Solution Manager. SAP users may discover how to make their newly increased license fees pay off, and consultants will learn about the next big SAP skill.

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Run SAP and Solution Manager
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2:30: Defining how you should run your SAP solution
5:05: Why SAP recently raised its maintenance fees
6:00: How Run SAP and Solution Manager can lower the total cost of ownership of SAP
8:30: How deploying Solution Manager can resolve SAP problems more quickly
10:00: What does Run SAP mean for end users and consultants?
12:09: Solution Manager ROI
20:08: Opportunities for consultants in Run SAP
24:38: Which SAP end users don't really need Solution Manager
25:55: How to make Solution Manager strategic

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