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Creating an enterprise MDM initiative in an SAP environment

In this podcast, MDM analyst Aaron Zornes discusses whether SAP NetWeaver and Business Objects are enough to help SAP users meet requirements for enterprise MDM in their SAP environments.

Corporate master data is a critical asset that must be increasingly managed within and beyond the enterprise in order to create a single customer view -- one version of the truth. In this podcast, Aaron Zornes, founder and chief research officer for The MDM Institute, discusses how to get started when creating an MDM initiative for an SAP environment.

Zornes, who is also conference chairman for the MDM Summit, the largest conference on MDM, CDI and data governance, also discusses SAP user issues related to MDM, as well as SAP's position in the MDM arena, in this podcast.

  Master data management in SAP environments  

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MDM in SAP environments
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  Program highlights  

  • 1:34 -- Does the term "recession-proof," which we hear so much these days, apply to MDM?
  • 2:39 -- What user concerns about MDM are unique to SAP environments?
  • 3:39 -- For an SAP user thinking about an MDM initiative, what should the first step be?
  • 4:46 -- Does SAP NetWeaver give me everything I need for my MDM environment?
  • 7:03 -- MDM is moving beyond point products to true enterprise MDM. What does that mean for SAP administrators?
  • 9:14 -- Why had SAP been challenged to deliver business-to-consumer (B2C) capabilities until recently?
  • 12:13 -- More SAP users are integrating Business Objects. How will that impact MDM?
  • 14:08 -- An SAP MDM expert says that one shouldn't try to recreate the SAP ERP logic and processes for managing local attributes in NetWeaver MDM. What's your reaction to this?
  • 18:00 -- What will be SAP's biggest challenge in moving from siloed application architectures to SOA-based architectures?
  • 20:39 -- How will MDM be affected as the SAP user base moves from generation to the next?
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