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Becoming (and staying) a business process expert takes business, technical skills

This podcast looks at the changing role of business process experts, the skills that are required, and how to use SAP's BPX community to keep up.



Business process experts face constantly changing demands and must combine technical and business skills to be successful. In this podcast, career expert Jon Reed and Marco ten Vaanholt, director of SAP's business process expert community, discuss how to become a business process expert (BPX) and how to keep up with the changing landscape and demand for business process skills. Ten Vaanholt also gives an update on the SAP BPX community and what users can expect next from the group.



  Becoming (and staying) a business process expert  

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Becoming (and staying) a business process expert
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  Program highlights  
  • (3:05) An introduction to SAP's BPX community


  • (5:58) How the BPX community influences SAP


  • (7:50) What business process experts are and why they are important to SAP implementations


  • (10:20) Why ABAP and IMG configuration work is evolving, and what SAP professionals can do about it


  • (16:20) How SAP professionals can gain from contributing to SAP's BPX community


  • (19:08) Steps that functional consultants can take to become more savvy as business process experts


  • (21:50) Tips for technical professionals to develop their business skills


  • (24:10) How "disruptive innovation" fits with SAP's concept of "innovation without disruption"



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