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ASUG's incoming chief discusses Duet, SAP ERP upgrades and his role

Steve Strout, incoming president for ASUG, offers advice from his company's SAP ERP 2005 upgrade, gives his thoughts about the Duet roadmap and appliance, and provides an update on ASUG news.

With Sapphire and the Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG) annual conference now squarely in the rearview mirror, spoke with Steve Strout, ASUG's incoming executive vice president. Strout will take over as president of ASUG later this year.

In his day job, Strout is the CIO of Morris Communications, a privately held media company, based in Augusta, Ga., which counts 27 newspapers, 33 radio stations and many other publishers in its portfolio.

Morris has been running SAP for about four years and is at the tail end of an SAP ERP 2005 upgrade. Based on his hands-on experience, Strout offers his thoughts and advice on making upgrades as smooth as possible.

Strout also discusses Duet, including the Duet appliance, and A1S. Finally, he looks at what went well and what could be improved from ASUG's annual conference and looks at what's coming up in the next few months.

  ASUG's incoming chief discuses Duet, SAP ERP upgrades and his role  

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ASUG's incoming chief discuses Duet, SAP ERP upgrades and his role
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  Program highlights  

  • (:30) When and how Strout will become president of ASUG.

  • (1:10) Background on the SAP implementation at Morris Communications.

  • (1:55) Details about Morris's SAP ERP upgrade.

  • (2:40) Advice for those considering an SAP ERP upgrade, based on Morris's experience.

  • (4:25) The Duet roadmap and what it means for SAP customers.

  • (5:53) A description of the Duet appliance.

  • (6:35) Thoughts on A1S, Business Networking Technology and federation of business processes.

  • (7:40) What is coming up for ASUG in the next few months.

  • (9:18) ASUG Annual Conference hits and misses.

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