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New EMC tool supports SAP upgrades

EMC Corp. is targeting SAP customers facing R/3 support deadlines with a new replication tool designed to ease upgrades.

EMC Corp. yesterday released a data-replication tool designed specifically for companies that are upgrading their...

SAP R/3 systems.

The Hopkinton, Mass.-based storage management company said the EMC Replication Accelerator for SAP Upgrades will automate the data-replication process during upgrades from SAP R/3 software to version 4.6C, Enterprise or mySAP ERP.

EMC is targeting SAP customers who are facing R/3 support deadlines and being shown a variety of new features by the vendor, including its NetWeaver technology, said Don Swatik, EMC's vice president of global solutions. The replication tool runs in conjunction with EMC's Symmetrix storage system and is an addition to its replication-management feature.

"We can dramatically reduce the cycle time by providing an end-to-end services offering," Swatik said. "This gives customers a blueprint for getting an upgrade done with minimal risk and in the shortest possible time."

By reducing the number of manual steps needed to copy an existing database and by eliminating the custom scripts written to copy data, the tool makes the upgrade process safer, he said.

Swatik said the new tool should appeal to BASIS administrators looking to make full copies of production SAP data in the shortest time possible.

"You can do it in hours instead of days, while minimizing disruption to the environment," Swatik said.

The tool includes a graphic interface and can automatically refresh test environments on demand. Prior to go-live, the software refreshes to the SAP training environment.

Nearly all database vendors have their own replication tools that vary in size and intricacy, said Mike Schiff, vice president of e-business and business intelligence at Sterling, Va.-based Current Analysis.

"Certainly, it's a migration tool worth investigating," Schiff said. "It has SAP's blessing, so EMC is making a good business case for the product."

EMC is also announcing the release of EMC Replication Accelerator for SAP Productivity, a tool that automatically creates copies of critical information SAP generates for daily analysis, reporting, testing and other tasks.

The EMC Replication Accelerator for SAP Upgrades and the EMC Replication Accelerator for SAP Productivity are available now from EMC. Swatik said the cost of the product varies because it includes the use of EMC consultants, who work individually with customers planning upgrades.


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