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Complete conference coverage

Read complete coverage of the Conference Europe, held in London last month.

Here is the complete coverage of Conference Europe.

Survey shows R/3 Enterprise plans on hold

The results of the annual survey show that many customers remain in upgrade limbo, unsure of which way to turn. They also remain loyal and say they are generally pleased with SAP's performance, even as they struggle to see where the company is headed.

SAP marketing: Confuse and conquer survey respondents say the company still needs to improve its reputation for leaving a wake of confusion after making splashy announcements.

Upgrades on users' minds at conference

An AMR Research analyst answers questions about what's most on the minds of attendees at Conference Europe -- upgrades. Jim Shepherd also cautioned against relying on SAP as a business consultant, and he applauded the company's new attitude toward customization.

After you say 'I do' to ERP

Analyst Michael Doane says there's something you should be doing to get more from your ERP system. And the up-front costs produce plenty of payback, he said.

SAP users destination: Enterprise

SAP customers at the Conference Europe addressed recent confusion and misunderstandings about Enterprise, a place where nearly all SAP R/3 customers must eventually arrive.

Speaking SAP in any language

Researchers urge SAP customers to identify national and local cultures and adjust business processes to address them before major SAP implementations. Attendees at last week's Conference Europe, however, wondered about the validity of those findings. Some suggest that implementation problems could be the result of change management issues, as opposed to problems with local cultures.

Telling the whole TCO story

License fees alone are a poor indicator of the cost of ERP systems, and international companies should consider a two-tiered approach when deciding implementation strategies, according to an Ovum report that examined 40 global businesses.

Royal Mail's SAP project delivers ROI

When the UK's Royal Mail Group first implemented SAP, it was, in the words of one Brit who was there, a bit of a disaster.

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