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Gift #6- A tale of two codes

Our sixth gift to you is a great place to purchase "Java & BAPI Technology for SAP" by Ken Kroes, Gareth M. deBruyn, Robert Lyfareff and Anil Thakur.

Our sixth gift to you is "Java & BAPI Technology for SAP" by Ken Kroes, Gareth M. deBruyn, Robert Lyfareff andAnil Thakur.

Here is the publishers description of this useful text.

"Learn from experts who know. Draw from the authors' years of experience with SAP implementations. Follow along and learn how platform-independent Java can reduce both development and on-going maintenance costs for custom software. Learn how to integrate Java with SAP, as well as the basics of integrating the SAP Automation toolkit to develop applets or Java applications.

Master the Skills You Need Most Begin with Java basics and learn the role Java plays in the ERP industry. Next, move on to integrating Java with SAP. Benefit from practical examples that allow you to see how Java and SAP can be used together. Finally, continue on to BAPIs: what they are, how to find them within SAP, and how to build your own custom BAPIs. Apply Real-World Scenarios Follow along and benefit from the book''s extensive collection of screen images and code examples. Use the step-by-step examples to reproduce results and understand the concepts discussed in this introduction to Java programming within SAP."

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