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SAP America gets Precise on hosted software

SAP America has turned to Precise Software Solutions to monitor performance and track service levels on mySAP Hosted Solutions offered through an ASP model.

SAP America Inc. says it wanted to ensure that customers would receive the same quality software on a hosted model as an in-house installation. To try to accomplish that, the Newtown Square, Pa.-based arm of German software company SAP AG has picked Precise Software Solutions, headquartered in Westwood, Mass., to provide performance management, including service level compliance monitoring, for mySAP Hosted Solutions.

As an application service provider (ASP), mySAP Hosted Solutions needs to guarantee the performance and service level of the software supplied to customers. Precise allows the ASP to monitor the experience of the end-user and supply historical information regarding the service quality to determine any problems, as well as support service level agreements (SLAs), the company said.

mySAP Hosted Solutions is primarily using Precise/Insight, according to Andrew Bird, executive vice president of marketing for Precise. But the company also has access to all of Precise's performance management software, he said.

Precise has tailored its software for mySAP applications, according to the company. Its tools can detect the causes of service problems and determine the impact on the entire infrastructure before end users are affected. The software also identifies unusual patterns in the service history and provides reports on response times and availability metrics. These are then correlated to the customer's SLA.

Essentially, Precise/Insight is aware of the normal usage patterns and service times. When activity such as response times deviate from the norm, Insight recognizes this and generates a report. MySAP Hosted Solutions and its end-customers have access to these reports, which measure and monitor the performance of the ASP, Bird said.

"Insight understands when the end user experiences service times outside of the norm," Bird said. "It produces a series of reports against service agreements and automatically provides reports on activity."

The software sits on mySAP Hosted Solutions' servers and is designed to run in that environment with minimal to no impact on performance, he said.

MySAP Hosted Solutions functions much like any other ASP. SAP provides the applications management, hardware, software and infrastructure support. The value proposition for customers is that they can focus on their business, instead of managing the software.



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