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SAP integrates business analytics into mySAP Financials

SAP is hoping that its newly released mySAP Financials Business Analytics will help managers see the big picture on the processes that impact a company's bottom line.

No matter the business, executives want to know how to improve management performance, increase business opportunities and be more efficient. Companies can achieve this through business analytics. With that in mind, SAP AG announced the release of mySAP Financials Business Analytics at its mySAP Financials Conference in Basel, Switzerland.

MySAP Financials Business Analytics is a broad suite of integrated analytic software programs for financial analytics, customer relationship analytics, supply chain analytics, product lifecycle analytics and human resources analytics. The goal is to help managers and other decision-makers see the big picture on the processes that impact a company's bottom line, according to SAP.

SAP's customers will also be able to simulate other approaches to the information they are trying to analyze and measure the performance of processes, such as accounting. The new software can also be accessed through SAP Portals' Enterprise Collaboration Portal offerings, which provide users with a single interface to enter into relevant applications.

Analysts are positive about SAP's continual additions to analytical front ends in its systems. Said Andrew Braunberg, senior analyst, data warehousing at Sterling, Va.-based Current Analysis, "We see real value in these analytical applications, especially when they can draw rich data sources, such as SAP's ERP system."

MySAP Business Intelligence provides the common basis for all of the analytical applications within mySAP Financials, according to SAP. The business intelligence component delivers data warehousing, query building and information deployment capabilities.

The first shipment of mySAP Financials Business Analytics focuses on financial analytics and integrating existing CRM analytics functionality in mySAP. It also supports sales planning, profitability planning, resource planning and liquidity planning. Additional Business Analytics functionality will be shipped in the fourth quarter of 2001, including headcount planning.


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