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Tibco delivers Ariba-SAP connector

Tibco Software and Ariba have launched a plug-in connector that enables SAP ERP users to quickly integrate their back-office systems with Ariba-powered B2B electronic exchanges. The move may help Ariba counter SAP's close partnership with Commerce One, one of Ariba's main competitors.

Tibco and Ariba have a long-standing agreement to provide integration of back-end systems with Ariba e-commerce platforms, and the SAP connector is the first in a series of TIB/NetworkConnectors for the Ariba Commerce Server Network planned by Tibco.

These connectors will enable companies running non-Ariba procurement and ERP applications to integrate with the suppliers and value-added services that make up the Ariba CSN trading community.

Such integration is seen as crucial if both public and private online exchanges are to survive and grow. Suppliers, in particular, have been loath to join public exchanges, resulting in a lack of liquidity in many online markets.

By integrating existing procurement, manufacturing and supply chain systems with Ariba CSN, businesses should be able to benefit from real-time B2B transactions and the dynamic routing of order management transactions between suppliers and back-office enterprise applications.

B2B e-commerce transactions are expected to reach trillion-dollar levels over the next few years. "A significant number of these transactions will be based on B2B processes that require integration via the Internet," said Keith Goldstein, vice president of strategic alliances at Tibco.

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