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SAP Portals included in Microsoft Digital Dashboard Resource Kit

SAP Portals has announced the availability of iView Web Parts and the iView Server Developer Edition (ISDE) on Microsoft's new Web Part Gallery and its Digital Dashboard Resource Kit 3.0 (DDRK). This allows DDRK developers to build new Microsoft SharePoint Portal content that integrates information from enterprise applications, including SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft and Oracle.

SAP Portals iViews help Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server customers create personalized desktop views of enterprise applications. Since it integrates into the SharePoint Portal Server environment, SAP Portal iViews provide SharePoint Portal Server users with a window into structured data from enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications. SAP Portals ISDE allows developers to edit existing or create new iViews using structured or unstructured enterprise data, as well as Internet information. ISDE also incorporates wizards, templates and editors to save time and IT resources required to create portal content.

Microsoft's Digital Dashboard is a customizable portal framework that enables collaboration. Web-based content can be integrated into SharePoint Portal Server via Web Parts, which can integrate existing enterprise systems, such as analytical and collaborative tools in Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server. A new Web Part Development Kit CD, with a catalog of Microsoft and third-party Web Parts, will ship with Microsoft's Digital Dashboard Resource Kit 3.0. The Web Parts in the kit can be used with SQL Server 2000-based digital dashboards or with SharePoint Portal Server.

SAP Portals iViews, which can be integrated into SharePoint Portal Server, as well as Web parts, are designed to assist end users with business questions faced daily. When integrated into SharePoint Portal Server, iViews allows users to streamline their decision process by enabling quick access to detailed data in other applications.


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