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Thomson multimedia selects Viewlocity to integrate SAP platform

Atlanta-based global supply chain provider Viewlocity Inc. has signed an agreement with Boulogne Cedex, France-based Thomson multimedia to integrate Thomson's e-procurement and third-party logistics providers. Part of the integration includes Thomson's SAP e-procurement platform.

As the foundation for its supply chain event management software, Viewlocity's Integration Broker provides for seamless, real-time data flow between disparate systems from different suppliers, clients and partners. It will initially be deployed to achieve integration with Thomson's SAP e-procurement software and business process integration with Thomson's U.S. logistics providers.

Viewlocity's Integration Broker holds more SAP certifications than any other integration broker on the market, according to the company. Viewlocity was selected partially for the company's ability to complete an integration proof-of-concept in one-half the time of the competition, the company said.

Thomson had been looking for a partner with a consistent approach that would fit its multi-phase, global project, according to Paul Kirkeiner, global manager of IT architecture at Thomson.

Viewlocity's supply chain event management software is Web based and enables companies to track inventory, orders and shipments across an integrated supply chain in real-time. The software also alerts companies to exceptions along the global supply chain and takes corrective action, based on pre-established business rules.

Viewlocity provides supply chain event management software that helps companies respond in real-time to unplanned occurrences along the extended supply chain. Thomson multimedia is the world's fourth-largest supplier of consumer electronics, with 2000 sales of $8.9 million and 67,000 employees globally.


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