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SAP offers up new releases at SAPPHIRE

In Lisbon, Portugal, SAP AG's international e-business conference, SAPPHIRE 2001, is well under way, and so are the rollouts of product enhancements from the software company.

To kick off SAPPHIRE, SAP announced a new strategy for private exchange software, new e-business tools and enhancements to its customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM) and SAP R/3 Enterprise software.

SAPMarkets announces private exchange strategy

SAPMarkets, the exchange company of SAP, announced its strategy for private exchange software to expand the benefits of integration and collaboration within and across enterprises that will leverage existing systems. The SAPMarkets private exchange strategy is based upon MarketSet 2.0, which is jointly developed by SAPMarkets and Commerce One Inc.

According to SAP, one of the biggest challenges that companies face is the need to integrate their business processes to drive profitability. Yet integrating numerous point-to-point and heterogeneous connections can be very expensive. With a private exchange, a company is able to manage these integration roadblocks. The private exchange offered by SAP provides an integration hub and business-to-business processes for product lifecycle management, SCM and procurement, as well as analytics of exchange-based B2B processes.

Solution Architect maximizes

SAP also announced the availability of tools, methodologies and content to maximize value and accelerate the rollout of e-business software through a single customer portal, called SAP Solution Architect. It includes the E-Business Case Builder, Collaborative Business Maps (C-Business Maps), Solution Maps and the Solution Composer.

The E-Business Case Builder provides calculations on the return on investment of software and is integrated with C-Business Maps, which offer a graphical depiction of over 150 different scenarios. Meanwhile, the Solution Composer designs a personalized implementation map to align processes with SAP-specific content, which is contained in Solution Maps, C-Business Maps and Role Maps.

CRM functionality enhanced

SAP has also delivered the latest release of its mySAP CRM, which allows companies to manage, synchronize and coordinate the activities of sales, marketing and customer services on a collaborative e-business platform. It works in non-SAP environments as well.

The new release of the CRM software features data mining and is portal-based, which offers additional business scenarios and new role-based workplaces. It also includes expanded communication channels, encompassing Web chat, e-mail and call-me-back features. Additionally, SAP has included a flexible application framework for mobile and handheld devices, providing access to both online and offline mobile scenarios for CRM and business functionality.

SCM gets a collaboration boost

SAP added functionality to its mySAP SCM, which enables an adaptive supply chain by monitoring and responding to events and processes across the network. It triggers automated responses to routine problems, and with its mobile business integration, it can alert the appropriate person for faster issue resolution.

In addition, the mySAP CRM networking capability has been extended by the new private exchange from SAPMarkets. This part of the private exchange will initially feature collaborative demand and supply management that support processes for developing a single shared forecast of customer demand. Additional capabilities include collaborative fulfillment and availability verification.

MySAP SCM is accessible through portals via the mySAP Workplace and via other portals to be developed by SAP Portals Inc., a new SAP subsidiary dedicated to enterprise portal development.

Smooth evolution to from SAP R/3

SAP has announced plans for SAP R/3 Enterprise, the evolution of SAP R/3. SAP R/3 Enterprise will be delivered on the mySAP e-business platform beginning in the second quarter of 2002, with enhanced functionality.

SAP R/3 Enterprise preserves customers' investments in their existing technology and allows them to adopt flexible deployment strategies, with step-by-step options to allow gradual implementation of e-business processes. It will be available to customers as part of SAP R/3 maintenance.



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