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Seminar aims to take sting out of SAP Web-enablement

PHILADELPHIA- SAP Professional Journal of Dedham, Mass. launched its second three-day SAP Web-enabling seminar on Monday by recognizing the obstacles companies face in the Internet age.

Seminar Chairman Rizal Ahmed welcomed seminar attendees. "There are many challenges in marrying SAP environments to the Web," he said. "This is a complex time and resource-intensive task. There are several paths you can take. The goal here is to lay out all the options so that you can make intelligent choices."

Like the unseasonably warm Philadelphia weather, the Web-enabling seminar heated up quickly as speaker Meera Ramachandran of KPMG Consulting Inc. gave an informative introductory presentation titled "Extending SAP to A Brave New e-world."

"This is the time for new and different ways of transacting business with the outside world," said Ramachandran. Her presentation detailed the evolution of e-business in the SAP market from the days of EDI to present day marketplaces, e-business, e-supply chain and e-CRM initiatives. Ramachandran went on to explain why so many businesses are eager to build an SAP e-environment. "There is more to it than buying and selling products," she said. "How do you build a community for your products? How do you build a community around your company? How do you build real value for your customers?"

Ramachandran suggested that Web-enabling SAP is the answer to all of these questions. Markus Fischer, also of KPMG, agreed. "The trend in this market is to finally look for sanity on the Internet. No longer is everyone looking to build the biggest and best. From the turnout here, I guess that a lot of people are looking for Web sanity."

Fischer presented an in-depth talk on "Picking the Right Technology Path." Web-enablement techniques covered included Inside-Out, Outside-in, Third Party Applications and

Jonathon Pokress of Bluenote Consulting Group, Inc. ended the day on a high-tech note. His three presentations on SAP's Internet Transaction Server (ITS ) delved into issues and advances in the SAP WebGUI, WebRFC, FlowLogic and EWT development.

The first of these Web-enablement seminars was held in Las Vegas earlier this month. Two additional seminars are scheduled for London on May 2-4 and Chicago June 25 -27.


To find out more about the SAP Professional Journal seminars, visit its Web site.

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