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Quick Takes: New SAP installations

Verano launches Enterprise Link 3.0

Business-to-business software infrastructure company Verano has launched Enterprise Link 3.0. The upgrade connects plant-side applications with business-to-business-level processes. It also integrates production information from manufacturing plants.

New features include XML connectivity and SAP/R3 enhancements.

PEAK Technologies and Yaskawa `go live' with Peak S/3 Interface & SAP R/3 at the same time

PEAK Technologies has implemented its PEAK S/3 Interface solution at a Yaskawa Electric America Inc. facility in Waukegan, Ill. At the same time, PEAK implemented the SAP R/3 (v4.6B) system at Yaskawa.

The PEAK S/3 Interface solution allows companies to fully integrate SAP R/3 transactions with automated data collection technology to maximize the return on investment of the SAP system.

VIGILANTe and SAP form collaborative partnership

SAP and VIGILANTe have signed a collaborative partner agreement that gives SAP customers the option of utilizing VIGILANTe's SecureScan service to help them manage security.

SecureScan scans a company's network security perimeter, or any other (IP) assets exposed to the Internet, for existing vulnerabilities and ranks them by level of urgency and issues a report.

Informatica unleashes the power of SAP Data for strategic analysis across the value chain

Infomatica Corp., an eBusiness analytic software provider, has announced enhanced analytic support designed to help companies better leverage data housed within SAP R/3 and SAP Business Information Warehouse installations.

Enhancements to Informatica PowerConnect products for SAP lets companies integrate and analyze ERP, CRM and real-time message queue data with other enterprise data.

Informatica integration solutions for SAP provide seamless access to SAP R/3, SAP BW and non-R/3 data sources, including mainframe sources, relational sources and other ERP systems This data is then delivered to downstream data warehouses and analytic applications.

Bristlecone Incorporated, builder of Internet supply chain software and solutions, and ITT Industries Night Vision announce that they have gone live with SAP APO in a stand-alone environment

ITT Industries Night vision has gone live with Bristlecone Inc.'s stand-alone installation of SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer (SAP APO).

Bristlecone and SAP used SAP APO's demand planning, supply network planning/capable-to-match (CTM), and production planning and detail scheduling features to bring ITT's planning cycle from three weeks to an automated two-day process.

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