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Fieldglass aims to bring data-driven insights to workforce management

SAP Fieldglass Live Insights employs HANA machine-learning technology to perform cost-benefit analyses by location; new products and easier buying on the SAP Store.

The integration of SAP technology into the applications made by the SAP Business Network companies continues to get deeper. The latest example comes from SAP Fieldglass, which has released a new product, SAP Fieldglass Live Insights, that introduces data-driven insights to its workforce management applications.

SAP Fieldglass' cloud-based workforce management applications allow companies to discover external workers, compare labor costs, and onboard and manage the external workers. SAP Fieldglass Live Insights introduces machine learning technology that the vendor claims will provide real-time data-driven insights designed to improve the way companies benchmark, plan, predict and analyze these external workforce scenarios.

SAP Fieldglass helps its customers source how they get work done, but there are lots of choices to be made, from where to find the workers to how much they get paid, according to Rob Brimm, SAP Fieldglass president. The SAP Fieldglass Live Insights automates and speeds this process and allows companies to make better decisions about who they hire and their compensation levels.

"We have a rich data set of positions and rates on a global basis, so we're able to do very rapid benchmarking now so they can make live decisions about sourcing this in this location versus another and what should be the rate that you pay for it," Brimm said. 

"It was a labor intensive process to do it, but now we have been able to automate that so that it's readily available versus having to do a study that has to be refreshed on some periodic basis," Brimm said. "It used to take a lot of brute force to do it, but now we're able to offer it up live."

HANA data combines with machine learning algorithms for data-driven insights

The SAP HANA database combined with machine learning technology is the key to deriving the data-driven decisions, Brimm explained.

"SAP HANA is the underlying database and we're able to pump our data into that which gives us very fast computing power," Brimm said. "This creates a data lake and then we're able to apply the machine learning algorithms to be able to investigate or interrogate that data, create those associations, and then turn around and make those available directly back into our application."

Some of the data-driven insights include real-time cost-benefit analysis to make external worker decisions based on location, fill time and other market metrics; determining competitive rates for talent that's needed to launch a new product or service; and identifying the best time to release requisitions to strike a balance between lead time and cost.

The availability of SAP research and development has made a difference in helping deliver SAP Fieldglass Live Insights, Brimm said.

"We didn't have a team of research scientists here lying around to be able to do this, so we had access to that talent [from SAP]," he said. "We also had access to technology which we would have had to procure on the open marketplace to be able to do this versus something that we have native. The other part is we are able to integrate this directly back into our applications. We've had the space in the application to present this information in the right place, in that we were doing this manually before, now we've automated the whole closed loop."

New products and easier purchasing on the SAP Store

SAP announced it is making it easier to buy from the SAP Store online marketplace and has added a couple new partner products to the store shelves.

The SAP Store, which was developed by SAP Digital Commerce, allows customers to buy products from SAP and partners in a consumer-like digital way. The self-service, digitally enabled store now offers both credit card and PayPal transactions for third-party offerings, according to SAP.

The new products being offered on the store are ProQ from ProQ Inc. and Code Search Pro from Find it EZ Software. ProQ is a cloud-based service that tracks project collaboration and teamwork between clients and service providers, delivering information that can be used to avoid project friction and accelerate project progress.

Code Search Pro analyzes the impact of software changes through a code stack. Users can search entire report libraries, create interactive and accurate change lists, produce detailed report definitions and change all data source connections.

"SAP Store is an ideal digital marketplace to sell an offering like Code Search Pro," said Ken Gnazdowsky, Find it EZ Software president, in a press release. "It will allow customers to quickly access Code Search Pro in a convenient, one-stop procurement experience and leverage its features and functionality quickly and easily. And offering it on SAP Store will allow us to increase our brand awareness in a key target market."

With the addition of ProQ and Code Search Pro there are now 20 products from SAP partners on the SAP Store.

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