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SAP announces updates to SAP InfiniteInsight, Lumira

In this news roundup, SAP InfiniteInsight and Lumira both get new updates, and a report finds many companies struggle with long-term HR strategies.

SAP SE announced last week that it has updated its SAP Lumira data visualization software, as well as its SAP InfiniteInsight advanced predictive analytics software.

New Lumira updates include the ability to suggest visualizations to the user based on available data, and to incorporate custom charts and ESRI maps. Updates to SAP InfiniteInsight include the ability to incorporate latitude and longitude variables, far beyond just using zip code-level locations as in many other cases.

SAP InfiniteInsight now also includes greater support for Hadoop Hive 11 and 12, as well as Pivotal's Greenplum databases, including in-database application and code generation through the application's Scorer module. That allows the user to directly apply the data model to the database itself, without first having to export it as a SQL statement, which in turn leads to faster speeds. 

"This allows SAP to bring the computing to the data instead of moving the data to an analytical computer.  By eliminating the time it takes to move data, the analysis speeds up," SAP said in a statement.

Panels, reports and icons have been redesigned in SAP InfiniteInsight to improve the user experience, according to SAP.

Companies struggling with a cohesive HR strategy

A new report conducted by Oxford Economics and underwritten by SAP found that most companies are unsure of how to take advantage of an increasingly diverse workforce.

"Businesses are facing the most diverse work environment that the world has ever seen with five different generations working together, across geographies -- each with different skills, experiences and work habits," SuccessFactors, which is owned by SAP, said in a statement about the report, titled Workforce 2020. "All of this represents a major opportunity for productivity, talent development and employee engagement, but … most companies are unprepared to capitalize on it."

The report found that two-thirds of businesses have not made significant progress toward building a workforce that will meet their future business objectives.

Among the issues that companies often misunderstand is that most millennials value salary above other benefits but are scared that lack of training and education that could lead to them falling behind in the workplace.  Companies are also failing to sufficiently educate and train their employees, according to the report.

"While executives cite a high level of education or institutional training as the most important employee attribute, only [23%] say they offer development and training as a benefit. Incentives for pursuing educational opportunities are also uncommon," SuccessFactors said about the report's findings.

Speaking of human capital management, during his keynote remarks at the recent SuccessFactors SuccessConnect conference in Las Vegas, Mike Ettling, who heads SAP's HR line of business software, told attendees that HR will one day cease to exist not for its own sake, but rather as "an enabler of business goals and the CEO’s objectives," as SAP reported.

"HR’s agenda and the business agenda will truly become one," Ettling said. "The future of HR is no HR."

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