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HANA-powered SAP Audit Management goes GA

SAP partners with two major automakers to develop new mobile apps, and a new version of SAP Audit Management goes GA in this SAP news roundup.

SAP has announced the general availability of the SAP HANA-powered version of SAP Audit Management, created to give internal audit teams simpler, more powerful alternatives to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and other manual tools, according to the vendor.

SAP Audit Management is part of the company's Assurance and Compliance Software and integrates with the Fraud Management and Risk Management applications. Audit departments can use SAP Audit Management to build audit plans, prepare audits, analyze relevant information, document results, form an audit opinion, communicate results and monitor progress, according to SAP.

Key features of SAP Audit Management include:

  • Mobile support
  • Full coverage of the audit roadmap, including planning, preparation, execution, report and follow-up
  • Flexible Audit Universe, which provides a single source for audits and monitors audit requests
  • Global monitoring of findings and follow-up on the progress of actions

The software divides the auditing process into five phases: planning, preparation, execution, reporting and follow-up.

SAP and VW partner up on parking app

SAP is partnering with another well-known German company to help customers in Hannover, Germany with two of life's most important needs: food and parking.

SAP and Volkswagen are co-developing a cloud application that will aggregate information about parking locations with data on drivers' locations and routes to let them know where they can park in the city. It will also include parking data from the Hannover airport.

The app will also send users discounts to inexpensive local restaurants once they have parked.

The app will be built on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and accessible from mobile phones.

Fueling up

A similar partnership involving SAP, the Toyota InfoTechnology Center USA (Toyota ITC) and VeriFone, a maker of mobile payment systems, is focused on a dashboard app that lets Toyota drivers find the closest gas station, make payments and receive coupons and other offers on the spot. The software is another example of the growing prevalence of Internet of Things, or machine-to-machine technology.

The application collects and aggregates information on the driver's location, route and fuel level. Point-of-sale transactions will be handled through VeriFone, with vehicle telematics data collected by Toyota ITC.

"These processes and information are integrated via the SAP Cloud portfolio and presented in a screen on the [Toyota] dashboard," SAP said in a statement.

"The driver is notified when the vehicle is low in fuel. Then, leveraging the Toyota ITC telematics system, the vehicle recommends a gas station location based on real-time context, such as location and the vehicle's fuel level. It also takes into account a driver's pre-entered personal preferences, such as preferred gas stations."

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