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User group calls for testimonials to boost SAP HANA adoption

A new survey by the U.K. and Ireland SAP Users Group finds SAP HANA adoption low, prompting calls by its director for more user testimonials.

A new SAP user-group survey finds organizations -- in the U.K. and Ireland at least -- are still hesitant to deploy SAP HANA in their analytics operations despite users' concerns over processing speeds and wanting to get more strategic value out of data.

"The figure is low," said Craig Dale, chief executive of the SAP UK and Ireland User Group.

Roughly 15% of respondents are using or planning to use SAP HANA in their analytics operations. 

The survey was based on the participation of 218 user organizations.

That suggests that potential users still want to hear more from current HANA users about real-life examples, according to Dale. Other issues may also be at play, beyond it merely being a new technology on the marketplace that requires educating potential customers. "In the U.K., I believe it's a very cultural issue that until we see somebody actually using something, we're very reticent in using it ourselves," Dale said.

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Underscoring the notion that SAP can do more to showcase the benefits of HANA, 39% of survey respondents stated that they didn't know whether the in-memory computing capabilities of HANA would fit with their organization's strategy and use of analytics for competitive advantage. Roughly 42% said they were unsure whether SAP's recently announced HANA Cloud Platform would make it easier or more likely for them to deploy HANA.

Dale said his group was participating in SAP's push to highlight companies that use HANA in innovative ways, as part of the vendor's efforts to do more to showcase HANA users. "SAP is working with user groups around the world on how we can get this message out there," Dale said.

The survey also found that 87% of respondents said they were trying to get more out of their data in general.

Respondents indicated that the biggest speed bumps are making use of data that is spread across various platforms, being unable to process and analyze the data faster, and data accuracy and data consistency issues.

Nearly three-quarters said they're using or planning to use SAP business intelligence software to remedy those problems. Of that group, 85% said they were using or planning to use SAP BusinessObjects software.

However, just over half of respondents --51% -- believed that SAP hasn't been clear in communicating its business and data analytics product roadmap to users.

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