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SAP to acquire HCM cloud software vendor Fieldglass

In this news roundup, SAP says its purchase of cloud HCM vendor Fieldglass will allow customers to manage temporary workforces and associated costs.

SAP announced it is addressing a long-standing gap in the ability to manage temporary employees and contractors with the purchase of Fieldglass, a cloud-based HR software vendor.

"Non-payroll workers represent a third of the workforce, and traditional HR solutions don't cover it, nor do traditional procurement solutions. [That's because] it is a different type of buying cycle that occurs," said Tim Minahan, chief marketing officer for SAP cloud software.

SAP did not disclose terms of the deal, which is expected to close in the second quarter. 

Customers have long been asking for a single platform upon which they can manage all of their workforce-related spend activities, Minahan said.

The plan is to eventually integrate the application with SAP's SuccessFactors HCM software, as well as SAP's Ariba Network, both of which are cloud-based applications. It will also be integrated with SAP's on-premises HCM applications.

"You can rest assured, the idea is to integrate this into a total workforce management solution, so that companies can manage both their full-time workforce as well as their contingent workforce, all on a single and integrated platform," Minahan said

Survey: Use of online SAP education ticks upward

A new report on SAP training trends by the Michael Management Corporation finds a slight bump in the number of people who are looking to online resources for SAP training instead of more traditional "classroom" education.

"The most encouraging takeaway [is that] SAP professionals are embracing online learning of all varieties. Last year, the number of those who preferred online SAP training was high [at 23 percent]. This year it's even higher, with e-learning leading the responses at [26] percent," according to analyst and co-founder Jon Reed, who wrote the report's foreword. 

"When you add up instructor-led online training [at 21 percent], and classic offline training [that includes books and manuals], about 70 percent of SAP training preferences now falls outside the traditional classroom," Reed writes.

That's good news, he writes, because 10 years or so ago, options were much more limited. When employees wanted to hone their knowledge of SAP, they were much more dependent on their employer. "Now that's not the case," Reed writes. "Today, motivated individuals can take matters into their own hands."

On the downside, roughly 42% of respondents said they don't get enough SAP education to do their job. However, that's a slight improvement over last year's survey, which found that 46% don't get enough training.

You can access the full report here.

SAP looks to give SMEs a little credit

SAP has announced it has launched a "buy now, pay later" program for SMEs in which they purchase any SAP product on the reseller price list with zero percent financing, for up to 24 months.

SAP cited the National Small Business Association, which found that accessing lines of credit to be one of the biggest challenges of doing business, as the basis for launching the new program.  

"While the global economy continues to improve, many SMEs still face an issue of finding financing to enhance their technology solutions," SAP said in a statement. 


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