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SAP announces partnerships to ease development of SAP mobile software

In this news roundup, SAP announces two new partnerships it says will make it easier for developers to build SAP mobile software.

SAP says it has struck up new partnerships with two vendors of mobile app development platforms that will provide companies and developers new ways to build mobile applications on the SAP mobile platform.

The two new partnerships, announced at the 2014 Mobile World Congress held this past week in Barcelona, Spain, involve San Francisco-based Xamarin and Service2Media, which is headquartered in The Netherlands.

"What [Xamarin and Service2Media] have done is added interface modules, or components into their systems that will provide [developers] easy access to the Rest APIs of the SAP Mobile Platform," said Jim Jacquet, SAP’s senior director of mobile marketing.

Those same application programming interfaces (APIs) can be used for integrating mobile applications with SAP cloud as well as on-premises applications, simplifying the process, according to Jacquet.

Both vendors offer cross-platform support so developers can build an application for Windows 8, Apple iOS, and Android operating systems from the same code base, Jacquet added.

Research institute enlists HANA in the hunt for a cancer cure

It's no secret that SAP has touted HANA as a way to help solve complex medical problems, including the search for a cure for cancer.  In one case, a medical facility in Berlin used SAP HANA to match cancer patients to the right medical trial.

SAP now says it has partnered with the German National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) based in Heidelberg to create the Medical Insights project, which uses SAP HANA to help doctors come up with better treatment regimens for patients by making better sense of the reams of medical data at their disposal.

"Almost every instance of cancer is unique," SAP said in a statement. "There is an immense volume and variety of information processed in providing care to those who have not responded to standard therapies, such as the analysis of multiple cohort studies, long-term studies following groups of people who have and do not have a given condition."

Divining the best possible care typically comes down to parsing and consolidating information, often in spreadsheets, which slows the process. Now the process can be done in real-time, SAP contends.

SAP has long stressed that SAP HANA is able to handle both structured and non-structured data, and that's the case here.  Those capabilities allow integrating text documents containing physicians' notes.

"We've essentially created rules to extract that specific information, and then put it into a structured manner so that it can be integrated with the patient's record," said Enakshi Singh, director of HANA product management. "This wasn't something that NCT was able to do."    

Another NFL team drafts SAP Scouting

Lastly, the Washington Redskins announced it's the latest NFL team to deploy SAP Scouting for its recruiting and drafting operations, making it the second team to do so after the San Francisco 49ers began using the software in 2012. The Redskins started using SAP Scouting during the 2013 season to manage team rosters and performance as well as to assess the current draft class.

The application is aimed at giving scouts, executives, coaches and trainers the ability to assess, add to and collaborate over player-specific stats. The goal is to use the information to make better-informed decisions in the annual NFL draft, though teams can continue to use and build on the data long after that for trades and other evaluations.

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